You cannot escape IT
Home, work, travel.....IT will always follow you,
drugs, alcohol or sober, IT doesn't regard the state of mind
IT is always there
And then there is sleep
IT loves you when you sleep
That is when IT becomes earthly
IT can be a rabid dog

IT can be a zombie masquerading as your family and your friends
IT can be someone knocking at your door or worse your window
IT can be sitting next to you, talking to you as if IT were real
IT wants to encompass your being and take you over
IT wants you to run away with him
IT knows the edge and wants you to go over
IT knows you better than you know yourself
IT wants your Heart
IT wants your being
IT says he loves you but you know IT just wants your Soul for sacrifice
IT can be your salvation
As scary as IT is, you must fight IT
All the support from family and friends cannot defeat IT
No weapons will slay IT,
You have to face IT on your own
only your mind and your Faith can defeat IT
Because IT is there and only there
And only with Faith in Salvation can you defeat IT