Can a Spring Cleaning Help Me??

Does your grief sometimes feel like it’s covering you up with a “winter time” of isolation and difficult feelings? Maybe it’s time to consider “breaking out” of the winter of your grief by initiating a “spring cleaning!”

For some, the transition between winter and spring will be marked with the need (compulsion?) to do some spring cleaning. For others, not so much (or maybe never!).
Regardless of the season, however, any time is a good time to do some self-evaluation – an honest personal inventory – to discover what thought patterns and habits may need to be thrown out or cleaned up.

I found a list of things someone suggests we give up, including:                  
1. Give up your need to always be right or in control.
2. Give up on blaming self or others.
3. Give up on self-defeating negative self-talk.
4. Give up the tendency to criticize or complain.
5. Give up your need to impress others.
6. Give up your resistance to change.
7. Give up labeling yourself or other people.
8. Give up on your fears.
9. Give up on your excuses.
10. Give up trying to live in the past.

That’s quite a list! Not all of them will apply to you, but they might prompt some self-evaluation.

BUT, it’s not always enough to just tell yourself to “Stop it!” – as a funny video clip from Mad TV reveals:

I suggest that whenever you want to do some “spring cleaning” in your life, pick one habit or attitude at a time to give attention to… just one thing to work on at a time. Then, make yourself some positive notes about your desired change, like: “I will stop and count to five before I criticize or complain this week.” Or, “I will do my best this week and keep excuses to myself.” Post those notes where you’ll see them and carry copies with you as reminders. They can help you with some “spring cleaning” in your life regardless of the season.

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Submitted by Danny Mize, a volunteer for The Hope & Healing Place